Conway circuit Whitsundays

Photo credit: HD Xposure © Queensland Government

Things to do

    Walking and mountain biking

    Part of the Whitsunday Trails, you can explore the Conway circuit on your mountain bike or on foot. Travel through majestic tropical rainforest, relax by seasonal creeks or absorb the views beyond coastal townships to the Whitsunday islands.

    All trails on the Conway circuit are shared-use, with the exception of the Kingfisher walk which is accessible to walkers only.

    The give-way code, Conway circuit shared trails

    The 27.1km Conway circuit is a shared trail where walkers and cyclists share the same trail.

    Please be careful and courteous and follow the shared trails give-way code.

    • Cyclists must slow down, give-way to and watch for walkers approaching from either direction.
    • Cyclists must alert others when approaching.
    • Everyone must slow down and go around wildlife.
    Trails at a glance
    Trail nameDistanceDurationClassification
    Conway circuit 27.1km

    Walking: 3 days and 2 nights

    Riding: 4hr (fit and experienced riders)

    Grade 4 Easy

    Intermediate Difficult

    Kingfisher walk 2.2km return Walking: 40min Grade 3
    Wompoo way 7km return

    Walking: 3.5hr

    Riding: 45min

    Grade 3 Intermediate
    Honeyeater lookout 8.2km return

    Walking: 3–4hr

    Riding: 2hr

    Grade 4 Difficult

    Conway circuit (shared trail)

    Image of two people strolling the Conway circuit. Section of the trail just before the Wompoo way track junction.

    Strolling the Conway circuit. Section of the trail just before the Wompoo way track junction.

    Photo credit: Tommi G © Queensland Government

    Distance: 27.1km (Forestry Road to Airlie Beach)
    Time: 3 days and 2 nights walking; 4hr riding (fit and experienced riders)

    Walking the circuit

    Grade 4

    Forestry Road car park to Repulse Creek camp 8.3km

    Begin the Conway circuit from the Forestry Road car park. Journey down this old logging trail for 800m to the beginning of the Kingfisher walk (not suitable for bicycles). Stop to enjoy this short return walk through the giant strangler figs and tulip oaks. Continue on the Conway circuit to the Wompoo way junction.

    Wompoo way leads to a seasonal creek and you must return to the Conway circuit the way you came. Allow at least 1hr for this diversion.
    From the Wompoo way junction, continue on the Conway circuit passing Impulse Creek and notice the change in vegetation. Hardy, brown tulip oaks replace the moisture-loving Mackay tulip oaks, and tough, woody vines replace delicate climbers. Continue to Repulse Creek camp and set up to enjoy a night in the rainforest.

    Repulse Creek camp to Bloodwood camp 11.5km
    Image of Repulse Creek.

    Relax at Repulse Creek.

    Photo credit: Ross Perry © Queensland Government

    Begin your second day with a gentle walk through drier forest. You'll cross 2 creeks. The Conway circuit becomes steep and more difficult as you follow a ridge to the summit of Mount Hayward. Enjoy the cool breezes and rewarding view from the top. Continue along the ridge to Bloodwood camp where you can enjoy views beyond Jubilee Pocket to the Whitsunday Islands.

    Bloodwood camp to Airlie Beach 8.5km

    Follow the coastal ridge towards Airlie Beach through low vegetation tangled with vines. This forest survives on rocky soils and endures the seasonal hot sun and occasional tropical cyclones.

    After a steep, challenging climb through low vine thicket the track descends through some taller forest to and intersection. Take the Honeyeater lookout turn-off for a great view, but by the time you return to the intersection it will add about 1.5hr to your journey. At the lookout, be rewarded with views beyond Cannonvale to the Dryander Range and the scattering of Whitsunday Islands.

    Continue on the Conway circuit and descend into Airlie Beach, taking time to enjoy your surroundings of grasstrees, cycads and gum trees. If the grasstrees are flowering, look for various honeyeater species coming in to feed.

    Riding the circuit

    Easy Intermediate Difficult

    The easiest way to complete the Conway circuit is to begin at Forestry Road car park, ride the circuit to Airlie Beach, then follow Shute Harbour, Brandy Creek and Forestry roads back to your start point (see map).
    The circuit changes classification from easy at the beginning, to intermediate and then difficult for the last 17.2km. Average riders should begin at Forestry Road car park and consider returning to their start point after reaching Repulse Creek camp or Little Repulse Creek.

    From Little Repulse Creek the circuit is classified difficult (black diamond). Riding difficulty increases significantly with many long steep sections, narrow and rough trail surfaces and technically difficult, creek crossings. Only fit and experienced riders should attempt to ride the full length of the circuit.

    Kingfisher walk

    Grade 3 Bicycles prohibited

    Distance: 2.2km return
    Time: 40min

    From the Forestry Road car park, follow the Conway circuit for 800m to reach the Kingfisher walk entrance. Weave your way past bright palm trees, giant strangler figs and tulip oaks decorated with basket ferns. Listen closely in the mid story for the squeaking call of the grey fantail, a most inquisitive bird. Return the same way to either go back to the car park, or follow the Conway circuit for 1.5km to the Wompoo way turn-off.

    Wompoo way (shared trail)

    Grade 3 Intermediate

    Distance: 7km return
    Time: 3.5hr walking; 45min riding

    From the Forestry road car park, follow the Conway circuit for 2.3km to reach the Wompoo way turn-off. From here the trail follows an old logging road through tall, lush rainforest before finishing at a peaceful creek lined with Alexandra palms. Be prepared for some uphill sections. Return to the Forestry Road car park the way you came.

    Honeyeater lookout (shared trail)

    Grade 4 Difficult

    Distance: 8.2km return (from Airlie Beach to Kara Crescent track entrance)
    Time: 3hr walking; 1.5hr riding

    From the Kara Crescent track entrance at Airlie Beach, follow the Conway circuit for 2.3km to the Honeyeater lookout turn-off. Follow the trail to a ridge with views over Cannonvale and the Whitsunday islands. Be prepared from some steep uphill sections, a high level of fitness is required. Return to Kara Crescent the way you came.

    Check out other walking and cycling options on the coastal trails in Conway National Park. Enjoy your time in the national park and remember to check park alerts before you visit.