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About Conway circuit

    Rising above the busy coastal strip, Conway Range’s rainforest provide a valuable refuge for 23 rare, threatened and endemic wildlife species. Conway, and its conservation parks, protect the states largest remnant of tropical rainforest outside of the Wet Tropics of North Queensland World Heritage Area.

    You can ride, hike, walk or run the entire 27.1km of the Conway circuit, or take one of the shorter return trail options. Whatever way you choose to experience the Conway circuit we suggest you take your time, slow down, and enjoy the many secrets the national park has to offer.

    Looking after the Conway circuit

    Keep waterways clean

    Look after the waterways. Soap, detergent, skin creams, urine and food scraps affect water purity.

    • Do not use detergents, toothpaste or soap in waterways.
    • Use hot water and a scourer to clean dishes.
    • Bathe and wash dishes and clothes at least 50m from creeks and streams.

    Be pest and pathogen free!

    Before leaving home and heading out on any of the trails.

    • Clean the soil off you bike wheels and frame, and the soles of your shoes.
    • Pick all seeds and other plant matter off your bike, camping gear, clothes and shoes, place it in a sealed bag and dispose of it in a rubbish bin.
    • Make sure all of your gear is free of insects (including ants and their eggs).

    Pests and pathogens have a significant impact on our natural ecosystems. You can help stop the spread by keeping your equipment clean and staying on the formed trails.

    Use a fuel stove only

    • Open fires are prohibited.
    • Carry fuel (gas or liquid spirit) stoves for cooking.
    • Do not leave stoves unattended when lit.


    • Use existing sites at the camping areas.
    • Do not dig trenches or flatten, or break, any vegetation.
    • Leave your site in the same or better condition than you found it.
    • Check your site thoroughly before leaving to ensure nothing is left behind.


    • Always try to use toilets where available.
    • Toilets can be found at both bush camps along the Conway circuit.
    • To help the treatment process, do not place any rubbish or sanitary items into toilets.
    • Close the lid after use.
    • Where there are no toilets, use a trowel to bury human waste and soiled toilet paper at least 15cm deep (50cm for sand) and well away from camp sites, tracks and waterways.
    • Take all sanitary items with you—they do not decompose.


    • There are no rubbish bins on the Conway circuit.
    • Reduce your rubbish by bringing as little packaging as possible.
    • Please bring out all your rubbish and dispose of it properly.
    • Solid waste and litter is unsightly and can injure and kill wildlife.
    • Keep the camp clean—pick up even tiny pieces of packaging and cigarette butts.

    Things to remember

    • Stay on the trail—shortcuts cause erosion and can lead to dead ends.
    • Leave your pets at home, domestic animals are not permitted in national parks.
    • Never feed or leave food for animals—you might be bitten or scratched.
    • Snakes, spiders, stinging plants and insects are common, so know how to respond. Remember, all wildlife in the national park is protected.

    Enjoy your time on the Conway circuit and remember to follow the caring for parks and forests guidelines.

    Tourism information links

    Whitsunday Visitor Information Centre
    1250 Bruce Highway, Proserpine QLD 4800
    ph (07) 4945 3967

    Bowen Visitor Information Centre
    18305 Bruce Highway, Bowen QLD 4805
    ph (07) 4786 4222

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