Combo Waterhole Conservation Park Outback Queensland

Photo credit: © Tourism and Events Queensland

About Combo Waterhole

    Park features

    Combo Waterhole Conservation Park gets its name from the most famous of the many waterholes found within this 49ha park. Did the jolly swagman camp by Combo Waterhole? We will probably never know, but the waterholes of this 49ha park offer a refuge for wildlife in dry times, just as they provided shady picnic spots in 1895 for stagecoach passengers and the residents of neighbouring Dagworth Station.

    The Koa people were the first to follow the Diamantina River—a web of life that traverses the land in braided channels—pioneering paths of trade and travel. Explorers followed, then settlers brought sheep and cattle and established a stock route. Cobb and Co. teams trotted close behind. Today visitors can explore the historic stone-pitched overshots (crossings) and the most readily accessible Mitchell grass downs in the area.

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    Looking after the park

    Everything in Combo Waterhole Conservation Park is protected, including plants, animals and heritage sites and artefacts. Please appreciate, respect and help care for Combo Waterhole’s outstanding natural and cultural values by leaving things as you find them, and encouraging others to do the same.

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    Park management

    Each park in Central West Queensland has unique attributes. Combo Waterhole is managed to conserve the natural condition and protect the cultural resources and values of the park.

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