Charon Point Conservation Park Capricorn | Mackay

About Charon Point

    Image of Charon Point boat ramp.

    Charon Point boat ramp.

    Photo credit: Queensland Government

    Park features

    The park protects open eucalypt forest and grassy open woodlands. Tall shrubs occur on low flats near the tip of the point. Large areas of low mangrove flats and bare salt pans occur on the eastern and western shores. Woody vines and open shrubs grow in sand running parallel to the mangroves above the high tide mark.

    Massive tides and fast currents pour through the mouth of the Styx River and are a feature of the area. During king tides a wall of water (a tidal bore) up to 0.5m high forms and moves up the Styx River. Sharks are reported to feed behind the advancing tidal surge in the Broad Sound area.

    Looking after the park

    Parks and forests protect Queensland's wonderful natural diversity and scenery. Please help keep these places special during your stay.

    • Camp fires are permitted in above-ground fire containers only. Bring your own fire container and remove it when you leave (including the coals). Bring your own clean, milled timber. Use a previous camp fire site, rather than starting a new one. Gas and fuel stoves are preferred and recommended. Please follow the parks and forests camp fires and cooking guidelines.
    • Avoid contaminating water with detergents and soaps. Take your gear at least 50m away from waterways to wash.
    • Stop the spread of weeds and pathogens. New introductions can spread and displace resident species and alter the local ecology. Soil from your vehicle, camping gear and boots can contain weed seeds and foreign plant pathogens. Before you arrive clean your boat and vehicle (especially tyres and the underside of your vehicle), camping and walking gear.
    • Never feed or leave food for animals—you might be bitten or scratched. Let animals find their own food. Our foods can be harmful.
    • Pack strong rubbish bags for storing rubbish during your journey. Take all rubbish home with you. Carry a small container for cigarette butts.

    See the guidelines in caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The park is managed in accordance with the Nature Conservation Act 1992 to preserve and present its natural and cultural values.

    Tourism information links

    Explore Rockhampton Visitor Information Centre
    176 Gladstone Road, Rockhampton Qld 4700
    ph: (07) 4936 8000

    Capricorn Coast Visitor Information Centre
    Ross Creek Roundabout, Scenic Highway, Yeppoon QLD 4703
    Ph: (07) 4939 4888 or 1800 675 785

    Mackay Visitor Information Centre
    Sarina Field of Dreams, Sarina Qld 4737
    Ph: (07) 4837 1228

    For tourism information for all regions in Queensland see Queensland Holidays.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.