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About Cathu

Forest features

A patchwork of woodlands and Caribbean pine plantations grow along the creek flats to merge with dense rainforest, hoop pine plantations and tall wet eucalypt forest along the rugged Clarke Range.

Nestled along Pandanus creek, enjoy a peaceful nights’ rest at Juxut camping area. Venture out for a scenic drive to experience spectacular views from Cathu lookout.

Looking after the forest

By observing these rules, you will contribute to the protection and conservation of this forest so it may continue to bring enjoyment to you and others.

  • All plants, animals and the natural and cultural features of the forest are protected. Do not remove living or dead plant material (including fallen timber), animals, rocks or other material.
  • Never gather wood (or even kindling) from the forest. It provides a home for wildlife and nutrients for the soil.
  • Take care with fire, use the communal fire rings provided. If you light a fire, keep the flame below the grate and make sure it is out before you leave. Use water, not sand or dirt, to extinguish the fire. Summer is a high fire risk time.
  • Never feed, play or interfere with native animals. Feeding wildlife upsets the balance of nature and can make animals sick or aggressive towards humans.
  • Protect streams from pollution. Do not use soap or detergent in the creek.
  • Be tidy as rubbish bins are not provided. Please take all your rubbish and recyclable waste away for proper disposal.
  • Limit the spread of weeds and soil pathogens by ensuring clothes, shoes, equipment and vehicles are clean and free of weed seeds and soil before arriving.
  • Be considerate of other visitors and keep noise to a minimum.
  • Stay on the public access road to Jaxut camping area and Cathu lookout, and obey all signs. HQPlantations conduct forest operations in the state forest—stay alert for logging trucks carrying timber. Visitors must comply with HQPlantations responsible recreation conditions.

Forest management

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) manage Cathu State Forest under the Forestry Act 1959 to conserve its natural, cultural, and historic values. HQPlantations is responsible for the commercial forestry operations in the State forest.

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