Castle Tower National Park Gladstone

Things to do

    Camping and accommodation

    Remote bush camping

    Remote bush camping (walk-in only) is permitted in Castle Tower National Park. Walkers must be self-sufficient and experienced in remote bushwalking and navigation.

    Camping permits are required and fees apply. A tag with your booking number must be displayed at your camp site.

    Other accommodation

    There is a range of holiday accommodation in and around the Gladstone Region. Camping is also available nearby at Lake Awoonga Caravan Park.

    See the tourism information links for more details.

    Remote hiking

    There are no formal walking tracks or route markers within the park. This park is unsuitable for young children and inexperienced people who cannot climb unassisted or have no bush navigation skills.

    All walkers need to have a topographic map for remote area bush navigation. Purchase a copy of the Map 9149 Calliope topographic map from the Department of Resources business centres.

    Critical skills:

    • People accessing the park must be well-prepared walkers with climbing experience and have a high level of fitness and bush navigation skills.
    • Rock scrambling and climbing skills are essential to navigate the exposed, steep rocky sections and ridges.
    • If you feel unsure about your ability to climb and keep up with the rest of your group, don't attempt it.

    Know the hazards!

    • Loose rocks and rock debris—they can fall at any time.
    • Steep, exposed rock faces and slabs.
    • Narrow ridges and vertical cliff edges.
    • Very slippery rocks in wet conditions.
    • Heat exposure—can lead to heat exhaustion and dehydration.
    • Poor visibility in cloud, mist or fading daylight.
    • Inexperience, poor preparation and inappropriate gear.
    • Serious injuries or death could occur. Rescues are risky, even for the rescue team.

    Fire and weather conditions, and your ability to navigate, can impact significantly on your safety.

    Read Staying safe information and have a plan in place so you know what to do should you encounter a dangerous situation.

    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.