Castle Tower National Park Gladstone

About Castle Tower

    Park features

    Castle Tower National Park is aptly named to reflect its dominant landscape feature—towering granite cliffs flanked by two large granite outcrops.

    Open eucalypt woodland with a shrubby heath understorey covers most of the mountain. The heath contains plants found only locally, such as the Byfield spider grevillea Grevillea venusta. Small areas of montane heath occur on the high peaks. Dry rainforest scrub grows along gullies and creeks. The park is the southern limit of white gum Eucalyptus platyphylla.

    Panoramic views over the Boyne Valley and Gladstone can be enjoyed from the summits of Mount Castle Tower and Mount Stanley—the two highest peaks in the park. Mount Castle Tower is 475.5m above sea level and Mount Stanley is 690.9m.

    Looking after the park

    Please help protect Castle Tower National Park by following these guidelines.

    • Everything in the park (living or dead) is protected. Do not take or interfere with plants, animals, soil or rocks.
    • Limit the spread of weeds by ensuring clothes, shoes, walking and camping gear, and vehicles are clean and free of seeds before arriving at the park.
    • Use a portable stove for cooking. Open fires are not permitted.
    • Avoid contaminating water. Wash yourself and your cooking utensils at least 100m away from waterways.
    • Bury all toilet waste (and paper) 15cm deep at least 100m from waterways and camp sites.
    • Taking your rubbish home for appropriate disposal. Never bury or leave rubbish in the park.
    • Do not feed or leave food for animals. Human food can harm wildlife and cause some animals to become aggressive. Store food in lockable boxes or containers.
    • Contact the Queensland Government Wildlife Hotline to report wildlife incidents in protected areas.

    Park management

    Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) manages Castle Tower National Park, under the Nature Conservation Act 1992, to protect its conservation and cultural heritage values and for the enjoyment of visitors now and in the future. A management plan for the park will be prepared in the future.

    Tourism information links

    Gladstone Visitor Information
    Gladstone Marina Ferry Terminal
    72 Bryan Jordan Drive, Gladstone QLD 4680
    phone: (07) 4972 9000

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    • There are currently no park alerts for this park.