Mount Moffatt, Carnarvon National Park Capricorn | Outback Queensland

Be amazed by the Marlong Arch, a natural sandstone arch on the Marlong Arch track. Photo credit: Adam Creed © Queensland Government

Photo credit: Robert Ashdown © Queensland Government

Marlong Arch track

Discover a towering yet narrow natural archway, shaped over time by wind and water, and unique from every angle.

Journey type
200m return Start and finish points are the same and the traveller must return via the same path
Time suggested
Allow 10min walking time.
Grade 3 walking track

Accessible by

  • High clearance 4WD

Journey facilities

  • Walking

Stroll along this short sandy track to Marlong Arch, drawn by tantalising glimpses of the arch through bushland. When you arrive at this impressive natural arch, you'll feel dwarfed by its hulking form.

Soft Precipice Sandstone has weathered to create the arch, a feature on the Mount Moffatt circuit drive. Seeming to defy gravity, the arch spans two ridges—a striking formation against the brilliant blue of the Central Queensland sky. Gaze up at the arch, a little reminiscent of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, and take in the intricate colours, patterns and details. Unlike the harbour bridge though, climbing is not an option!

Getting there and getting around

The Marlong Arch track is in the Mount Moffatt section of Carnarvon National Park in central Queensland's Sandstone Wilderness, about 220km north of Mitchell.

  • The Marlong Arch track starts from a pull-off point along the Mount Moffatt circuit drive, 13.2km from the park entrance.
  • To reach Mount Moffatt from Mitchell, drive 220km north on an unsealed road via Womblebank Station. If you are travelling from Injune, drive 160km north-west via Womblebank Station or Westgrove Station. High-clearance 4WDs are recommended and are essential to get around the park. There are no roads from Mount Moffatt direct to the other sections of the park.

  • Read 4WD with care for important information on 4WD safety and minimal impact driving.

Wheelchair access

There are no wheelchair-accessible facilities.

Before you visit

Opening hours

Marlong Arch track is open 24 hours a day.

Check park alerts for the latest information on access, closures and conditions.

Visiting safely

For more safety information see Visiting Mount Moffatt safely and Walk with care.

  • There are currently no park alerts for this park.