Mount Moffatt, Carnarvon National Park Capricorn | Outback Queensland

Photo credit: Robert Ashdown © Queensland Government

About Mount Moffatt

    Park features

    This is a remote park of wild and diverse landscapes. Broad, sandy valleys of the Maranoa River are covered with open, grassy woodlands. Striking outcrops of sculpted sandstone rise above the trees.

    In the north-east of the park, sandstone cliffs lead up to the basalt-topped ridges of the Great Dividing Range. At more than 1000 metres above sea level, the Consuelo Tableland is the highest plateau in Queensland. Spectacular views reveal a sweeping landscape of mountain ranges, rugged peaks, escarpments and gorges.

    Mount Moffatt's rich mosaic of open woodlands, forests and plains is home to a huge variety of plant and animal species.

    This is also a place rich in human history. Aboriginal rock art is evidence of people's connection with the land that stretches back for at least 19,000 years. All of Mount Moffatt is a living cultural landscape of significant importance to the Traditional Custodians. Stockyards and fences are a reminder of the area's history as a cattle station.

    Looking after the park

    By following these guidelines you can help to protect the natural environment for the future enjoyment of others, and help ensure the survival of native plants and animals living at Mount Moffatt.

    • Do not take any souvenirs' or interfere with plants or animals—everything within national parks is protected.
    • Do not bring firearms or other weapons into the park.
    • Use a fuel stove—collecting firewood is not permitted on parks. Fallen timber provides homes to insects and small animals and returns nutrients to the soil.
    • Leave your pets at home. Pets frighten wildlife, annoy other visitors and may become lost. Domestic animals are not allowed onto national parks or conservations parks.
    • Never feed or leave food for wildlife—human food can harm wildlife and cause some animals to become aggressive.
    • Stay on track—do not cut corners or create new tracks.
    • Use toilet facilities where provided. Where toilet facilities are not provided bury toilet waste 15cm deep and at least 150m from watercourses.
    • Do not use generators, engine-driven compressors or chainsaws.
    • Do not use soap or shampoo in water holes or creeks.
    • Take rubbish home with you.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The Mount Moffatt Section of Carnarvon National Park was created in 1979 when the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service purchased Mount Moffatt station.

    The management plan (PDF, 1.7MB) for Carnarvon National Park, released in June 2005, guides the management of this area.

    See the description of Mount Moffatt's nature, culture and history for more information about the history and values of this section of Carnarvon National Park.

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