Riversleigh World Heritage Area, Boodjamulla (Lawn Hill) National Park Outback Queensland | Tropical North Queensland

Riversleigh D Site is a small limestone outcrop that rises above the surrounding plains. Photo credit: Ellen Thyer © Queensland Government

Things to do

    Camping and accommodation


    Miyumba camping area is a small camping area near the Gregory River, 4km south of Riversleigh D Site and approximately 55km southeast of Lawn Hill Gorge. Limited facilities are provided, and campers must be totally self-sufficient. Camping permits are required and fees apply. Camping permits must be booked prior to camping in the national park.

    Other accommodation

    Lawn Hill Gorge camping area is located 55km northwest of Riversleigh D Site. Accommodation and camping is available at Wugudaji Adels Grove about 50km from Riversleigh. For more information, see the tourism information links.

    A rock face displays a cross-section through a fossil turtle shell.

    A rock face displays a cross-section through a fossil turtle shell.

    Photo credit: Henk Godthelp


    Riversleigh fossil trail

    Grade 3

    Distance: 800m return

    Time: allow 1hr walking time

    Details: From the Riversleigh - D Site visitor area, immerse yourself in this ancient landscape as you wind your way to the top of the limestone outcrop of D Site. Take care as the self-guided interpretive trail has many steps and is steep in places. Learn more about the Riversleigh fossil trail, and remember to follow the Parks and forests walk with care guidelines.

    Riversleigh World Heritage Area and the national park is protected. Leave everything as you find it!  Interfering with fossils or rocks is an offence and penalties apply.

    Picnic and day-use areas

    Learn about the rich record of life at Riversleigh World Heritage Area at the Riversleigh – D Site visitor area.


    Fishing in the Gregory River is permitted, however size, bag limits and restricted species apply. Contact Queensland Fisheries for more information about fishing regulations.

    Enjoy your time at Riversleigh, and remember to check park alerts before you visit.