Boat Mountain Conservation Park Southern Queensland Country | Sunshine Coast

Views from Daniels Lookout, Boat Mountain Conservation Park. Photo credit: © Karen Smith

About Boat Mountain

    Park features

    Shaped like an upturned boat, this local landmark is only 80ha in size but has at least 130 plant and 46 bird species.

    Have the park to yourself as you venture up steep stairs through dry rainforest, then into sunny eucalypt woodland towards the mountain edge. Hoop pines grew here before they were logged; but now you see mostly leopard ash, native holly and small leaved tuckeroo in the softwood scrubs and vine thickets surrounded by mostly cleared farmland.

    Looking after the park

    Help preserve this park’s natural and cultural values by following these few common-sense rules:

    • Leave everything as you find it. This includes plants, animals, rocks, ruins and artefacts.
    • Firearms and other weapons must not be used in Boat Mountain Conservation Park.
    • Bury toilet waste at least 15cm deep and 150m from any watercourse.
    • Please remove your rubbish from the conservation park and leave visitor areas clean and tidy.
    • Do not contaminate waterholes with detergents, soap, shampoos or human waste.

    See the guidelines on caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Park management

    The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service manage Boat Mountain Conservation Park under the Nature Conservation Act 1992.

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