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About Benarkin

    Forest features

    A patchwork of majestic hoop pine plantations, towering eucalypt forests and dense vine scrub clothe the scenic Blackbutt Range and the rolling hills at the head of the Brisbane River. Take a scenic forest drive to picnic, camp, ride or walk under towering forest trees or beside refreshing streams.

    Looking after the forest

    By observing these rules you will contribute to the protection and conservation of the forest so it may continue to give enjoyment to you and others.

    • All plants, animals and natural and cultural features of the forest environment are protected. Do not remove living or dead plant material (including fallen timber), animals, rocks or other material.
    • Never gather wood (or even kindling) from the bush. It provides home for wildlife and nutrients for the soil. Bring your own firewood or use a fuel stove.
    • Take care with fire. If you light a fire, keep the flame below the grate and make sure it is out before you leave it. Use water, not sand or dirt, to extinguish the fire. Summer is a high fire risk time.
    • Stay on designated roads and tracks and obey all signs.
    • Never feed or play with native animals. Feeding wildlife upsets the balance of nature and can make animals sick or aggressive towards humans.
    • Protect streams from pollution. Do not use soap or detergent in creeks and waterholes.
    • Leave pets at home. Dogs on leash are allowed only in designated areas.
    • Be tidy. Please take your rubbish and recyclable waste away for proper disposal.
    • Be considerate of other visitors.

    See caring for parks for more information about protecting our environment and heritage in parks.

    Forest management

    Benarkin State Forest is a multiple use reserve. The forest grows sustainable timber resources for current and future generations, provides recreational opportunities for visitors and protects important habitat for a rich variety of animals and plants.

    Tourism information links

    Nanango Visitor Information Centre
    South Burnett Energy Centre
    41 Henry Street, Nanango, Qld 4615
    ph (07) 4189 9446

    Blackbutt Visitor Information Centre
    Hart Street, Blackbutt, Qld 4306
    ph (07) 4163 0633

    Brisbane Valley Rail Trail

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