On water signage in Moreton Bay Maine Park

7 March to 31 December 2023
7 March 2023 4:10pm

This alert applies to the following park:

Moreton Bay Marine Park users are advised not to rely on the presence of signage to inform them of their location within the various zones of the marine park. Marine park zones are defined solely by GPS boundary locations, and users must refer to Schedule 1 and 2 of the Marine Parks (Moreton Bay) Zoning Plan 2008 for precise boundary descriptions. Legacy advisory signs installed since 1997 are being progressively phased out and updating of the Moreton Bay Marine Park printed and web materials will continue to occur progressively. A major review and republication of zoning materials will align to the review of the Marine Parks (Moreton Bay) Zoning Plan which has recently commenced.

Information on the marine park can be found at  Visiting safely | Moreton Bay Marine Park | Parks and forests | Department of Environment and Science, Queensland (des.qld.gov.au)

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