Changes to public access of walking tracks on South Molle Island

27 February to 30 December 2023
27 February 2023 3:53pm
29 June 2023 9:29am

This alert applies to the following park:

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service would like to advise of changes to access for the public to the walking track network on South Molle Island, Molle Islands National Park. This is in regards to the Bauer Bay access.

The owners of the South Molle Island resort lease have installed fencing in various areas around the lease area. The fencing allows people to tender into the jetty/pontoon or into the beach and be directed through to the start of the walking track network at either the western end of the beach at Bauer Bay or the beginning of the track network behind the resort lease area. See attached map - 

The jetty/pontoon has unrestricted and free access for the public at all times. The jetty and pontoon are currently open and are strictly for drop off and pick up only. Under no circumstances are vessels of any size to be moored up to the pontoon or jetty. There is an island caretaker on site at most times, to address any concerns you may have.

All visitors must obey the directional signage on site, stay inside the fenced access areas and remain outside of the lease area. The lease area is a construction site and not safe for public access. There are a number of known safety hazards. 

A reminder that the track network can also be accessed from Paddle Bay and Sandy Bay.

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