Beach driving - low tide only

9 January to 28 May 2023
9 January 2023 4:27pm

This alert applies to the following parks:

Exposed beaches in the Great Sandy National Park are experiencing very large high tides with some sections of beach impassable.

Driving on Teewah Beach, Rainbow Beach, Inskip and K’gari (Fraser Island) beaches, within 2 hours either side of high tide should be avoided. Visitors should consider forecasted high tides when planning a trip, and check access conditions before deciding if it is safe to traverse. Motorists should exercise caution at all times, and plan to travel only at low tide, if safe to do so.

Driving over vegetated sand dunes is dangerous and prohibited. Vehicles driving on sand dunes to avoid being inundated with water, are causing the dunes to collapse and vehicles rolling over. It is also damaging to the environment and can impact nesting wildlife such as turtles and shorebirds. On-the-spot fines will be issued for anyone caught damaging the dunes.

Observe all signage, barriers and directions from rangers.

Your safety is our concern, but your responsibility.

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