Mt Beerwah re-opened following rockfall event

25 November to 9 December 2022
20 June 2022 12:03pm
25 November 2022 10:09am

This alert applies to the following park:

Mt Beerwah has been re-opened following a rockfall event in June 2023. The summit route was closed because of loose and unstable rock posing a safety risk to visitors. This loose and unstable rock from the rockfall has been removed by specialist contractors.

It is advised that people accessing the summit route must be well-prepared climbers with a high level of fitness and rock-scrambling experience. The summit routes have exposed, steep rocky sections and irregular surfaces with loose stones that require rock scrambling and climbing skills.

Serious injuries and deaths have occurred on summit routes. Rock falls may occur at any time. If you access the summit routes you need to be aware of the risks. Your safety is your responsibility.

Summit routes are not walking tracks and are unsuitable for young children and inexperienced people who cannot climb unassisted.

If you feel unsure about your ability to climb or keep up with the rest of your group, then don’t attempt it.

For further safety information please read the message on DES website -

Please visit this park's page on the department's website for more park safety information.

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