High risk rock falls areas along Teewah Beach closed to camping

Closure status: A facility or feature within the park is closed

Park or facility closure
23 November 2020 to 30 June 2021
23 November 2020 7:24am
9 December 2020 10:06am

This alert applies to the following park:

Sections of Teewah Beach camping area have been identified as having unstable sand cliffs and a high risk of rock falls posing a risk to visitor safety. Falling boulders and landslides have occurred throughout the camping area including instances of large boulders rolling into camp sites at the base of the fore dunes.

QPWS has engaged an expert geotechnical company to assess the issue and provide advice for minimising the risk to park visitors. This risk assessment process has resulted in changes to the camping area, including closing high risk areas to camping.

High risk camping areas are marked by “DANGER no camping” signage. No camping in these areas comes into effect immediately, and visitors are required to camp outside these marked areas.  Camping is permitted elsewhere in the Teewah Beach camping area. Camper capacity has not changed and will remain at 1500 people per night.

Other high risk areas within the camping zone are marked by fencing and safety signs. Visitors are required to stay outside the marked areas.

Please do not enter these areas, as a dislodged rock could cause serious injury or death.

For visitor safety and to avoid injuries, do not climb on the dunes, keep clear of high risk areas and ensure children are supervised at all times.

On the spot fines may be issued for people not adhering to the regulations.

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