Camping changes for Inskip Peninsula camping area

1 June to 1 December 2020
1 June 2020 10:38am
2 June 2020 11:47am

This alert applies to the following park:

Due to the popularity of camping at Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area, Queensland Parks and Wildlife have implemented some changes to provide park visitors with better camping experiences.

From 27 June 2020, the way you book your camp site at Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area will change. The open camping area has been divided into seven separate camping areas, allowing campers to choose a zone to camp before arriving at the site. This change will also help reduce overcrowding and allow the site to be better managed. The overall camper capacity of 2300 persons per night at Inskip has not been reduced. 

In addition, restrictions on how long you can camp has been introduced to allow for fair and equitable access for all visitors. From 2 June 2020, a person must not camp for longer than 30 days during any period of 60 consecutive days, with the initial 60 day period commencing from the first day a person camps under a camping permit, and continues for every 60 days following. At the conclusion of 30 days camping within 60 consecutive days, a person must:    

  • remove all their possessions and property from the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area; and
  • not camp again in the Inskip Peninsula Recreation Area until after the 60 day period has elapsed.

‘Camping’ means staying overnight, and includes placing or leaving a caravan, vehicle, tent, equipment, structure or other property associated with camping for the purpose of staying in the area overnight, regardless of whether the camp site is attended or unattended.

Compliance with the new changes will be monitored.

We thank park users for their support and cooperation.

Check the Department of Environment and Science website and park alerts regularly for updates.

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