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Thorsborne Trail post rain event hiking conditions

This alert applies to the following parks:

The Thorsborne Trail has been reopened after the rain event on 16 December 2018. The island experienced a deluge of water. Environmental conditions have changed in some places that hikers should be aware of when planning their hike.

The intertidal creeks have been washed out to form deep channels in the sand. Where the trail follows the beach hikers should consider crossing intertidal creeks at low tide, especially at Little Ramsay Bay. Mulligan creek is also badly washed out making it difficult for hikers to reach George Point. Drop off and pick up from the south end of the trail will be at Mulligan Bay beach at the campground end.

The trail has been cleared of fallen vegetation post rain event from Little Ramsay Bay to Zoe Bay Falls and Diamantina Creek to Mulligan Bay. Other sections of the trail may have fallen vegetation.

Last updated
20 December 2018