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Peak Range National Park Management Statement 2013

Peak Range National Park will conserve ecosystems and species of significance to the region and nation.

The national park is managed with a considerable understanding of the diversity and ecology of natural environments. This ensures species, communities and features are protected and impacts minimised, and that visitor experiences and recreation opportunities are in keeping with the remote natural character of the park.

Partnerships with the Traditional Owners, local community, neighbours, research institutes and conservation groups are established and contribute to the area’s ongoing management.

Conservation purpose

The objectives of management for Peak Range National Park are to:

  • protect regional ecosystems and protect and extend the distribution of species of conservation significance
  • conserve the management areas natural, cultural and aesthetic values
  • minimise the impact of non-native plant and animal species on natural, cultural and aesthetic values
  • incorporate the interests and rights of Traditional Owners and their affiliations to the area by co-operatively protecting and managing cultural heritage values
  • provide access for self-reliant, nature-based recreation
  • provide direction and action to protect the natural, cultural and social values of the management area—informed by appropriate research and monitoring
  • foster cooperative relationships with neighbouring land holders to build stronger partnerships.

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Last updated
15 November 2013