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Oakview National Park Management Statement 2013

Oakview National Park will be managed to protect its high scenic and natural values including endangered regional ecosystems and species of conservation significance through minimising the impacts of fire, pest and inappropriate recreation.

Conservation purpose

In 2001, a 3,490ha portion of Oakview State Forest, as part of the South East Queensland Forests Agreement (SEQFA) process, was converted to Oakview Forest Reserve due to its high conservation value. In 2009, 1,011ha of the forest reserve was converted to Oakview National Park and the remaining 2,479ha converted to Oakview Resource Reserve to accommodate legitimate mining exploration interests. Exploration was complete in 2010 and the resource reserve was converted to national park with a total area of 3,490ha.

The national park contains diverse ecosystems, spectacular scenic landscapes and provides important habitat for species of conservation significance, including the endangered gecko Phyllurus kabikabi and Nangur spiny skink Nangura spinosa.

The area contains bottle tree scrub Brachychiton sp. that is one of the more easterly examples in South East Queensland. Two near threatened flora species are also found in Oakview National Park, including the giant ironwood Choricarpia subargentea and Rhodamnia pauciovulata.

Conservation of the area’s special values and protection of the Nangur spiny skink is a priority.

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Last updated
22 November 2013