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Hell Hole Gorge National Park Management Statement 2013

Hell Hole Gorge National Park will be managed as an undisturbed area where natural processes continue with minimal disturbance. Species of conservation significance will be protected from loss and damage and the impacts of pest species will be managed and controlled.

Tourism and visitor opportunities will continue to be managed within the constraints of park access issues and permitted activities to retain the remote experience for self-reliant visitors. Scientific values will be maintained and research into the ecology of significant native species will be encouraged and supported. Cultural heritage values will be identified and protected.

Conservation purpose

Hell Hole Gorge National Park is located approximately 57km north-west of Adavale on the Grey Range. It is centred on the waterholes and gorges of the rugged Powell Creek drainage system and its associated plateau. The park is part of a network of protected areas in the Mulga Lands bioregion with Idalia National Park located to the north-east and Mariala National Park to the south-east. It was gazetted national park to protect a number of plant species of high biogeographic significance that are poorly preserved in Queensland. The purpose is also to protect ecosystems which are typical of the central-northern part of the Mulga Lands bioregion.

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Last updated
5 December 2013