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Beeron National Park Management Statement 2013

The very high conservation values of Beeron National Park, in particular high vascular plant species endemism and floristic values, are protected and conserved by carefully managing impacts and potential threats. Cultural heritage values will be identified and protected. The park will continue to provide opportunities for education and scientific use.

Conservation purpose

Beeron National Park is 7003ha in area and was gazetted in 2009. Formerly known as Beeron Holding, or 'Rocky' paddock, the park is located south-west of Mundubbera. It was previously leasehold land used mainly for light cattle grazing and infrequent harvesting of eucalypt species for timber. It is conserved for its high vascular plant endemism and to protect several species of threatened plants. The park has six endemic species and three plants of conservation significance that have restricted distribution in the central Burnett.


Location map

Last updated
11 November 2013