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Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program

The threat of predation on marine turtle nests and hatchlings is a key concern for the sustainability of turtle populations in coastal Queensland. To address this, marine turtle rookeries along the coast have been identified under the Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program (PDF, 1.1M) for active nest protection and predator control efforts to reduce the threat posed by feral pigs and other predator species.

The Australian and Queensland governments have each committed matching funds of up to $3.5 million over four years until mid-2018 to help reduce the threat of predation on marine turtle nests.

The 30 page colour Queensland Marine Turtle Field Guide (PDF) has been developed as part of the $7 million Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments.

It contains identification keys, photographs, diagrams, survey tips and details of the six species of marine turtles that visit Queensland beaches. The guide also provides valuable information about predators like foxes, dogs and feral pigs.

Two funding rounds have been undertaken, with 13 projects sharing in approximately $4.1 million to deliver turtle monitoring and on ground predator control activities.

Approximately $2.5 million remains for investment in predator control programs that will improve the survival of marine turtle nests and hatchlings from predators.

Nest to Ocean Turtle Protection Program projects and recipients

Last updated
9 June 2016