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Grazing on QPWS estate

Where grazing occurs on Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) estate the QPWS aims to ensure that the management of grazing authorities minimises impacts on these lands.

Grazing is an appropriate use of forestry land where it is compatible with existing forest values and where the activity does not compromise principles of ecologically sustainable forest management.

The Nature Conservation Act 1992 has provided for authorised cattle grazing activities on some protected areas including regional parks where it is consistent with the management principles for these areas.

Grazing is not normally allowed on national parks, however, where a new national park is declared on land used for grazing this activity can be allowed to continue for the unexpired term of the existing lease or permit.

Applicants under the SEQFA Grazing Program will be contacted directly and advised of the outcomes of their application.

Grazing of stock on QPWS estate currently occurs in one of the following ways:

  • under a special or term lease issued under the Land Act 1994;
  • under a previous use authority issued under the Nature Conservation Act 1992; or
  • as a Stock Grazing Permit issued under the Nature Conservation Regulations 1994 or Forestry Act 1959.

Contact the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service for more information.

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Last updated
14 September 2015