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Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Pine River Bay

Rocky foreshore habitats of Pine River Bay declared Fish Habitat Area

Rocky foreshore habitats of Pine River Bay declared Fish Habitat Area


Pine River Bay, in the northern part of Albatross Bay, near Weipa.

Plan number

FHA-073 (PDF, 414K)


25,573 ha
25,560 ha management A
13 ha management B

Management level

A and B

Declaration dates

25 November 2011 (declared)

Local government

Cook Shire Council and Napranum Local Council

Management features

Management of fish habitats in Pine River Bay; protection of popular local Indigenous, recreational and commercial fishing and fishing charters.

Habitat values

Seagrass meadows; open waters; inshore reefs; sandy shores; rocky shores; mangrove forests; marine swamps; estuarine waters; intertidal banks; saltpans.

Fisheries values

Banana prawns; tiger prawns; grey and Spanish mackerel; shark; mud crab; barramundi; threadfin salmon; mangrove jack; fingermark; queenfish.

Other benefits

Pine River Bay has both cultural and fisheries significance to the Thanakwith Anguthimiri and Thanakwith Thayngath people.

Further references

Baker, R & Sheppard, R 2006, Fisheries Resources of Albatross Bay, Gulf of Carpentaria, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

Information current as at September 2012.

Last reviewed
28 June 2019
Last updated
27 September 2012