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Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Bowling Green Bay

Mangrove stands of the Bowling Green Bay declared Fish Habitat Area

Mangrove stands of the Bowling Green Bay declared Fish Habitat Area


Bowling Green Bay, 30 km east of Townsville.

Plan number

FHA-007 (PDF, 590K) 


68,573 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

25 November 1989 (original declaration)
24 July 1998 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries)

Local government

Townsville City Council and Burdekin Shire Council

Management features

Conservation of commercial, recreational and Indigenous fishing grounds and resources.

Habitat values

Closed Rhizophora and Ceriops dominated mangrove stands; extensive areas of salt marsh; sparse seagrass beds within the bay; sand and mud flats; sandy beaches.

Fisheries values

Major barramundi nursery habitat; area identified as important to the food chain of offshore billfish fishery; barramundi; blue salmon; bream; estuary cod; flathead; grey mackerel; grunter; mangrove jack; queenfish; school mackerel; whiting; tiger and banana prawns.

Unique features

Adjacent to Bowling Green Bay RAMSAR wetlands; brackish and freshwater lagoons immediately upstream.

Other benefits

Important dugong and loggerhead turtle habitat.

Information current as at September 2012.

Last reviewed
28 June 2019
Last updated
27 September 2012