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Declared Fish Habitat Area summary - Barr Creek

Mangroves of the Barr Creek declared Fish Habitat area

Mangroves of the Barr Creek declared Fish Habitat area


Barr Creek, 8 km north of Cairns.

Plan number

FHA-035 (PDF, 405K) 


64 ha

Management level


Declaration dates

16 March 1974 (original declaration)
21 September 2001 (redeclared to cadastral boundaries and to include adjoining fish habitats)

Local government

Cairns Regional Council

Management features

Estuarine and wetlands buffer zone for urban subdivision; educational area for nearby Holloways Beach learning centre.

Habitat values

Mangrove-lined creek; saltmarsh; sand flats.

Fisheries values

Commercial and recreational and Indigenous fishing; barramundi, blue salmon, bream, estuary cod, grunter, mangrove jack, queenfish, whiting, tiger prawns.

Other benefits

Non presently identified.

Information current as at September 2012.

Last reviewed
28 June 2019
Last updated
27 September 2012