Post-bushfire evaluation of impacts on natural values

As part of its overall fire management approach, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service undertakes post-bushfire evaluations to evaluate the impacts and outcomes of all fires on the estate—both planned burns and bushfires.

More detailed assessments are undertaken for bushfires that occur in areas of the estate with high ecological significance and/or are known, or suspected to, have resulted in significant detrimental impact to natural values.

These assessments provide an overview of the fire, the areas and values within the burnt area, and practical recommendations for mitigation, recovery and monitoring.

The following post-bushfire evaluation reports relate to the 2019–2020 fire season.


The 2019–20 Australian bushfires were unprecedented in their scale, intensity and duration causing significant impacts to Queensland’s threatened species and their habitats. Learn more about the Queensland Government response through the 2019-20 bushfires: Threatened species recovery program.