Under the Nature Conservation Regulations, recreational and commercial activities on protected areas are managed or controlled to minimise their impact. All activities on protected areas must be consistent with the management principles and with any management plan for the area. Management statements should be considered in managing an area. Here are examples of some of the activities subject to regulation:

  • visitor access
  • camping
  • vehicle use
  • fires
  • possessing weapons
  • littering and waste disposal
  • commercial activities
  • aircraft flights and landings
  • generator use
  • disorderly behaviour
  • adventure sports
  • feeding native animals
  • pets
  • commercial photography.

Some activities are limited or prohibited or may require permits or authorities. Anyone who breaches the legislation can be fined. Surveillance cameras operate in some parks and forests to identify anyone committing an offence and footage may be used to prosecute offenders. Service staff and police are empowered to enforce the provisions of the Nature Conservation Act 1992, Recreation Areas Management Act 2006, Marine Parks Act 2004 and Forestry Act 1959.