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    The department publishes notices under the legislation it administers (such as the Nature Conservation Act 1992, Marine Parks Act 2004 and the Recreation Areas Management Act 2006) to ensure that the public is informed about decisions the department makes about the management of its estate from time to time.

    This may include tenure changes, the declaration of special management areas, seasonal closures to areas, and temporary management arrangements to protect the natural and cultural values of an area.

    Notifications about the management of the department's estate are published on our Public notices page when announced.

    Have your say on the future management of the Noosa Area’s national park and reserves

    The Noosa Area Draft Management Plan incorporates the following south-east Queensland locations: Noosa National Park, Noosa Conservation Park, Weyba Creek Conservation Park, Keyser Island Conservation Park and Noosa Resources Reserve.

    The Noosa Area is traditional Country for the Kabi Kabi First Nations people.

    The Department of Environment and Science (DES) has prepared a draft management plan for the Noosa Area to protect a diverse range of native plant and animal species and natural communities, while allowing for continued recreational opportunities. The Noosa Headland is an iconic destination and one of Queensland’s most visited sites.

    The draft management plan identifies six key values for management focus:

    • Coastal heath (ground parrot Pezoporus wallicus wallicus habitat)
    • Cyperaceae swamp
    • Coastal woodlands
    • Vine forests
    • Rockly headlands
    • Noosa Headland experience.

    The draft management plan is accompanied by a resource information document, both are available for download:.

    You are encouraged to review and put forward your views on these draft planning documents by making a submission. All submissions will be considered when preparing the final management plan.

    Submissions close at midnight on 25 July 2021.

    Thank you for your continued interest in the management of Queensland’s protected areas. Visit about plans and strategies for further information on the management planning process.

    Written submissions

    What to include in your submission

    All submissions will be carefully reviewed against set criteria and you may wish to use the feedback form template (DOCX, 116.8KB) provided. To ensure your submission is effective be clear and concise, and include the following:

    • planning document's name
    • page number, paragraph, key value, level of service and/or the strategic management direction you are commenting on
    • the aspects you support, or do not support, and reason for this position
    • suggested changes with supporting references, data and/or information.

    Any submission based on inaccurate information, or provides an intangible open-ended statement, or is outside the scope of the planning process, will not have influence on management decisions.

    How to lodge a submission

    Written submissions can be lodged:

    By email

    By post to:

    Planning Manager
    Management and Operations | QPWS and Partnerships
    Department of Environment and Science
    PO Box 15187
    City East Qld 4002