Pre-design/pre-lodgement meeting

The department now offers pre-design/pre-lodgement meetings to all prospective applicants seeking direction and advice regarding development applications.

Get ready for a faster, smoother application process by using this service when you've got a firm idea about your development but before you've spent money developing concepts, plans and applications.

Save money, time and avoid frustration by getting free advice from the department first - our goal is to help you develop a quality project within the environmental guidelines. We want to help you succeed by working together with you at the earliest stage possible.

By outlining your ideas to us through a pre-design/pre-lodgement meeting, departmental staff will help you save money and reduce delays by identifying precisely:

  • what information and support documents you will need to produce for your application
  • and the timeframes you'll need to meet.

If your development is complex or innovative, we can bring together the relevant department specialists to attend feasibility meetings.

Working together to outline the options and ideas you have at the conceptual stage will enable you to move forward with a better, more comprehensive application that will be handled more efficiently because the department has all the information available and we're 'on the same page'.

No one benefits from applications lodged with limited support documentation, substandard plans, and incomplete information - applicants and the department staff get frustrated and delays are inevitable while further information is researched.

A pre-design/pre-lodgement meeting is another departmental customer service designed to help local industry, planners, designers and developers improve application standards and reduce delays and problems.

Streamline your application and get a faster, more economical and environmentally compliant result by arranging a meeting. Contact Permit and Licence Management (PALM).