Modify a camping booking

NOTE: Modifications can be made to your camping bookings subject to the follow conditions:

  1. If you are adding people or days, a modification can be made to dates not yet commenced.
  2. If you are reducing the number of people or days, a modification can only be made up to two (2) days prior to the permit start date. For example, if a booking commences on a Saturday, a refund or gift card credit will only apply if the booking is cancelled or modified by midnight the previous Wednesday.

To modify a camping booking, please select YOUR ACCOUNT > Purchases and click on All Bookings from the menu bar. Scroll down to locate the booking you wish to modify.

Screenshot of All Booking tab

1. Located on the left side of the permit information you will see the following list of options.

Screenshot of list of options on the left side of the permit information.

2. Click on Modify to proceed to the Booking Details page. From here you will be able to modify any component of your booking subject to availability.

Screenshot of the Booking Details page.

Note: depending on where the booking is for and the type of modification you are making, you may need to re-add the number of people on the booking and/or the vehicle details.

Screenshot of Number of People screenshot which you may need to re-add.

3. Once you are happy with the modification/s, click on Book Site, and proceed to the Shopping Cart and then Check Out to finalise the transaction.

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