Create your Online Customer Account

Please go to and click on CREATE ACCOUNT on the landing page.
Note - If you already have an online account please proceed to – LOGIN to your account.

Image of Queensland National Parks Booking Service login and create account screen

1. Enter your name, email address and phone information in the General Information fields.

Mandatory fields are marked with an Asterisk (*) – in the event of closures or natural disasters Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) use these details to contact customers with bookings. While Birth Date and Gender are not mandatory – QPWS uses this information for demographic data collection.

Screenshot of New Customer screen where you enter your name, email address and phone information.

2. Add your address by completing the Search Address field or by completing each of the address fields separately, starting at the Country field.

Screenshot of add your address fields using the Search Address function.

Note, if your residential address is not being accepted in the search field, please enter ‘St’ rather than Street or ‘Rd’ rather than Road in the bottom fields (not the ‘Search Address’ field).

3. Create a case sensitive password. You can use any combination of letters and numbers.

Screenshot of password setting where you create a case sensitive password.

4. Read and click the ‘I agree to QPWS account terms and conditions’ box. To read the QPWS terms and conditions, click on the text by clicking here.

Screenshot of tick box you need to click to agree to QPWS account terms and conditions.

5. Then click on Create Account

Screenshot of Create Account button

6. A confirmation pop up message will appear as per below.

Screenshot of confirmations success pop up message.

7. Click on Continue to return to the landing page and log in to your new account. Please refer to the Log in to your account section of this guide for instructions as to how to log in.

Screenshopt of click on continue to retrun to the landing page and log in to your new account.

8. You are now ready to LOG IN to your new account and proceed with your bookings.

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